Community TV

Welcome to Community TV, a new initiative we have launched at Tarneit West Village!

Community TV is a channel which represents the faces and voices of our community through engaging content – made by the community, for the community.


  1. Pick a topic that is of interest to you and something you enjoy doing. It could be anything from fitness, arts, breathing techniques, recipe video, community program etc The content can be in the form of a tutorial video or just an informative video.
  2. Create a video using your phone or a camera for better results.
  3. Edit the video if required and make sure the video is of high quality – NOT blurry. And if you are talking through the video, be sure to speak clearly so the quality of sound is not compromised.


  1. Take a video via your iPhone/Android or camera.
  2. Upload your video to your own personal or business YouTube account. If you do not have a Youtube account, create one. It is free and very easy and quick to set up.
  3. Email the LINK to your YouTube video to CommunityTV together with a signed copy of the ‘Talent release’ form.

Click Here to download the Talent Release form.

Click here to email your video and talent release form.